YWCA Harbour House

Opened in 1981, YWCA Harbour House is a 24 bed crisis unit for women and children who are involved in abusive intimate partner relationships. Abuse may be physical, emotional, financial or sexual in nature. 

Families are provided accommodations for a maximum of 21 days, with staff available for counselling and support 24 hours a day. Education sessions on the impact of family violence on children, cycle and dynamics of violence, and safety planning are available for all clients.

Harbour House Shelter also operates a 24 hour-crisis-line 
(local calls 320-1881 or toll free 1-866-296-0447) 
The crisis-line receives approximately 7500 information calls each year and 1750 crisis calls. As well, support is given to over 200 women on a drop-in basis each year. Average numbers that reside in the shelter in any given year are 600 women and children. There are no fees for this program.

Harbour House School
In partnership with the Lethbridge School District #51, Harbour House School meets the educational needs of children who reside in the shelter. The school has also been instrumental in developing curriculum for grades 2, 5 and 8 on 
the issues of family violence.

Emergency Housing
Through a partnership with Lethbridge Housing Authority, we are able to provide 6 housing allocations for women in crisis.

Community members are able to access support and education based counselling services through YWCA Harbour House Women's Emergency Shelter and Outreach Services. Assistance can be obtained by calling our business line 329-0088 or our crisis lines at 403-320-1881 (Toll free 1-866-296-0447 or in person. All counselling and support is confidential.

YWCA Harbour House can help! Crisis and on-going support is available to assist you in dealing with domestic and/or sexual violence situations, support you in court and legal issues and be there to help you regain control on your life. Take the step - reach out and connect - we are here for you.


♦  The YWCA Harbour House Women's  Emergency Shelter can be reached 24 hours 
    a day at (403) 320-1881 or 1-866-296-0447.  
♦  YWCA Outreach Services can be reached through the business line at 329-0088, Mon. through Fri., between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.